1.1 Check-in time at ‘Ust-Aleus’ is 15:00, check-out time is 13:00. Upon arrival, all Guests must register in the “Guest Registration Journal” (Guests must have a passport or other identity document).

1.2 The booking party fully controls the timeliness of the guests’ arrival and departure from the base. In case of a delay in the guests’ departure after the check-out time, the booking party pays a penalty equal to half a day’s cost.

1.3 If more guests arrive than the number paid for by the booking party, and there are available rooms of the booked categories, ‘Ust-Aleus’ can accommodate the additional guests. Payment for additional guests is made to the manager with all the appropriate documentation.

1.4 If accommodation in the room/cabin specified in the voucher is not possible for objective reasons, the guest is provided with a room equivalent to the one paid for.

1.5 Accommodation is only after 100% payment has been made.

1.6 Payment for the stay is on a per-day basis. In the summer season (from May to September), weekend stays are possible only for two days. A one-day stay is possible only from September to May.

1.7 Any changes to the duration of the stay must be notified to the manager no later than 24 hours before the planned departure in writing. In the absence of notification and available places, the recreation center has the right to refuse an extension of the stay.

1.8 Upon arrival, the superintendent (or manager) shows the guest the living quarters intended for accommodation.

The booking party must inform the manager of any malfunctions and incompleteness of the room within the first hour of check-in. Otherwise, it is considered that the accommodation conditions fully satisfied the booking party and their guests.

1.9 When guests check out, the booking party must personally hand over the guests’ rooms and keys in proper condition.

1.10 In case of loss or damage to the property of the recreation center: the booking party compensates for the damage (the amount of damage is determined by the management of the recreation center according to the price list), in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation. The booking party is also responsible for other violations of these rules by the guests.

1.11 While staying in the room/house, guests must change into home or spare shoes.

1.12 Moving furniture in common areas is ONLY allowed with the manager’s consent.

1.13 The administration of the recreation center is not responsible for:

— the safety of money and valuables, video/photo equipment, and other valuable items;

— any property left unattended by the guest in other common areas.



1.14 **Accommodation with Pets:**

– Accommodation with pets is carried out with prior agreement with the administration of the ‘Ust-Aleus’ recreation center. The administration reserves the right to determine whether it is possible for the animal to stay in the room.

– Upon check-in, the guest makes a one-time payment of 700 rubles for additional cleaning in the room after the animal’s stay.

– Accommodation with a pet in a room is possible based on one animal per room.

– The guest accommodating with a pet must ensure the presence of a litter box or toilet, feeding dishes, a special mat, a cage.

– Guests are prohibited from feeding the animal from the recreation center’s dishes.

– Guests are prohibited from washing the animal in the shower, using towels, sheets, and other bedding of the recreation center.

– If the guest did not inform about the presence of a pet in advance during booking, the administration has the right to refuse accommodation.

– It is forbidden to leave pets alone in the rooms.

– The guest is obliged to ensure the absence of the animal during the cleaning of the room by the recreation center’s staff.

– In case of damage to the property by the animal staying in the room, the guest is obliged to compensate for the cost of the damage caused.





2.1.1. When ordering complex meals, the customer must inform the exact number of people when signing the Service Agreement (voucher).

2.1.2. The customer must pre-arrange the meal times for guests in accordance with the meal organization hours at ‘Ust-Aleus’: Breakfast — from 09:00 to 11:00, Lunch — from 14:00 to 15:30, Dinner — from 18:30 to 20:00.

2.1.3. If a guest does not show up for breakfast for any reason within the established time frame, the amount for the missed complex meal is neither refunded nor compensated.


2.2 **BANQUET.**


2.2.1. The procedure for holding banquets is discussed with the customer individually, in advance, at least 14 days before the scheduled banquet date.

2.2.2. Payment for the banquet is made IN ADVANCE – at least 14 days before the scheduled date.

2.2.3. The recreation center provides dishes according to the ‘Ust-Aleus’ recreation center’s “Banquet Menu,” approved by the director. In addition to the banquet menu, the customer can order dishes to their taste, having agreed on the menu IN ADVANCE – at least 14 days before the scheduled banquet date. The cost of the dishes is calculated additionally in this case.




Swimming in places not equipped for swimming.

Swimming while intoxicated with alcohol and during the nighttime.

Leaving children unattended.

Lighting fires, using grills in places not equipped for this purpose.

Using pyrotechnics on the territory of the recreation center.

Smoking in living rooms and other places not designated for smoking (smoking is only allowed in a specially designated place, and the guest must carefully extinguish cigarette butts, as all buildings of the recreation center are wooden).

Independently adjusting equipment settings.

Removing furniture from rooms, bedding, and other property of the recreation center.

Passing room keys to strangers.

Wearing outdoor shoes in the living quarters of the recreation center.

Throwing toilet paper and personal hygiene products into the toilets.

Staying at the recreation center with animals.

Parking cars in places not designated for parking.

Washing cars on the territory of the recreation center and the adjacent area.

Littering on the territory of the recreation center and the adjacent area, as well as throwing trash into water bodies.

Using obscene language and disturbing other guests of the recreation center with one’s behavior.

Leaving taps open after use.

Leaving windows open, local lighting devices, TV, general lighting on when not in the room.

Leaving radiators on when leaving the room/cabin.




4.1. Provide a list of Guests.

4.2. Properly acquaint their Guests with the parameters (characteristics) of the rooms and the conditions of service provision.

4.3. In case of causing damage to the property of the recreation center, bear financial responsibility.

4.4. When other Guests are present at the recreation center, observe and ensure their Guests comply with the rules of decency and mutual respect: do not use coarse expressions, avoid offensive verbal and physical actions towards others.

4.5. Monitor compliance with fire safety rules. For violating fire safety, a Guest is immediately evicted with a fine and without a refund for the unused stay.



– In case of non-compliance with these Rules, evict the Guest early without refunding the money for unused days of stay or unused services and refuse service in the future.

– Demand compensation for the damage to the property/equipment of the recreation center.

– Refuse service without explaining the reasons.


**Attention!** The customer responsible for the booking must familiarize themselves and their Guests with our Accommodation and Stay Rules at the ‘Ust-Aleus’ recreation center.